Hypno-Disc for S5.


This is Hypno standing unsupported.
Yes we could get flipped and land imobile in this position !!!


A new motor to power the disc can just be seen left of centre, under the link carriers.
It is rated at 2.2KW @ 36V.
That's 3 times the power, and smaller than a Bosch GPA but about the same weight. Expensive but worth it !
We can now accelerate the disc in about 2.5 sec to a speed of about 900 rpm. This results in about 14 K joules
of stored energy or 4 times the energy of the disc in series 3. The disc can now penetrate 10mm thick aluminium.
The disc motor's 4QD 150 speed controller has been removed when this image was taken.
The controllers normal position is in the gap by the right hand Bosch motor.
The black bands around the right Bosch motor are slices from a car tyre inner tube. It is slid over
the holes in the Bosch to prevent bits getting in the motor when tinkering. They are simply cut off when
ready for battle.
The electrical bug that caused us many problems during Extreme was traced and 'eliminated'

Little would appear to have changed but with our reliability problems sorted and faster acceleration
of the weapon, Hypno-Disc is in destructive mood.

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