Hypno-Disc in Heat P


A Roboteers View

Heat P
3 way Melee.

We arrived at the studio on the Thursday and were allocated a pit bench and immediately detected enemy positions scanning our offensive / defensive capabilities.
At this time we did not know who we were fighting, whether the opposition were on the same or adjacent benches.
We had an inkling that they were close by, so team Hypno-Disc switched in to recon mode Hotel Delta.
After returning from the recon mission the de-brief reported many fearsome opponents. We were all as worried as each other anything can happen in 'the' wars.

A messenger from the orchestrators of this demonic gladiatorial event informed us of our first battle opposition.
They were Raizer Blade & Predator. We stared at them they starred back with intent.
Eventually the time came along with the ever increasing pressure, to have a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit.( And a squirt of oil for Hypno-Disc)

Then came the battle call to 'ready your robot'. Words than reduce many battle hardened warriors to the consistency of gear box grease.
The robots were wheeled back stage into the rear loading area.
We had a chance to look into the arena to watch the current battle in action.
Three battle scared robots were shoveled unceremoniously out of the arena to make way for 3 more unsuspecting contenders.
At this point the most essential piece of robot wars P.B.E. (Personnel Battle Equipment) is carefully removed from its holster and attached to each roboteer.
H.P.R Bicycle-clips to give them full designation. (High Pressure Rated) 

With Hypno-Disc in its holding pen Matt Irvine commanded we activated our robot.
There was suddenly an awful mechanical rattling emanating from the back of Hypno-Disc.
Dave and Ken looked at each other in disbelief at what could have gone wrong. It took an age to diagnose the problem. After 750 milliseconds we noticed Derek shaking so violently with nerves and at the same time was holding the access hatch against the back of Hypno-Disc. Phew, don't panic Mr Manwearing!
We scaled the steps to the roboteers booth.
By this time all 3 of us were straining the P.B.E above the S.W.L ( Safe Working Limit)
A quick twitch of the controls to confirm operation and you hear those immortal words.



Second Battle Heat P
Hypno-Disc v  Vmax

Oh no time to exorcise  the flipper ghosts of the 3rd Wars, would the minimalistic SRM be up to the job.
Comfort came from knowing the P.B.E could keep working, well above its rated operating range.
Standing in the robotees booth once more, all 3 of us thinking "why do we put ourselves through such torment, this is supposed to be fun".

3....2....1... ACTIVATE.


Heat P Final Battle
Hypno-Disc v  Raizer Blade

Raizer blade had injuries from the bruising battles prior to the heat final.
Hypno-Disc lost a tooth in its battle with V-max, which was welded back on be the famous and heroically talented Zulu of the Diotoir team.
Raizer Blade were brave and top sportsmen to continue in to final battle.
Knowing his difficulties we agreed to be more stand-off-ish, in the time honoured robot wars 'Gentleman's Agreement'

3....2...1... ACTIVATE.

And the semi-final and final...............


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