The following images show Hypno-Disc for series 4 during assembly.



Bosch 750 rear shaft mounted to a custom built worm wheel gear box. To get sufficient shaft length to attach to the worm, the rear motor bearing was removed. The worm bearing now supports the rear of the motor.


The chassis is formed from 3 pieces ( base and 2 sides) in 4mm aluminium.
Disc motor spur gears give a 1.5:1 reduction. A further 4:1 reduction is obtained from the disc bevel gears, giving an overal reduction of 6:1.



The front gear boxes are identical to the rear. The bosch motors are extended with a hollow shaft to drive the front wheels.


A rear shot !


4QD pro-120 drive boards and radio gear in position and connected. Nearly ready for a test run.



Hypno-Disc's disc with the disc cover removed. The black rim is steel, the rest made from ali.
The ribs are 3mm thick and make the disc very ridgid. The disc runs on 2, 6011 bearings.
Fuse carrier for scale.


Dad ( Ken) putting an edge on the teeth.


About 2 weeks before filming we carry out the final tests. Humm....could have done with about 3 months testing !
After series 3 Hypno-Disc, we were expecting more from the new machine.
The new disc runs at 750 rpm or 70mph at the tooth storing about 6.5 Kjoules.
Standing well away (40 metres) the disc wound up and crunch !

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