Hypno-Disc Upgrades for Extreme.


This is in the 'operating theatre' , with Ken as chief surgeon.


4 bosch motors now power HD. Two for the wheels at 24v and two for the disc at 36v. The power and acceleration of the disc was much faster. Full speed of about 80mph in about 3 sec. How much 'discstruction' will it cause now ?


The selfrighting arm was a weakness. It took about 5 seconds to operate at series 4. It was lucky that we didn't need to use it. But for Robotwars Extreme a better system was an absoulte must. Starting from scratch a custom 280:1 reduction gear box was designed and powered by a small starter motor. The SRM now works very well.


Final checks ready for testing. The SRM gearbox, crank and lever can be seen in the centre of Hypno. The SRM gearbox drives a crank and arm mechanism that gives a slower more powerful push to start with, which progressively increases in speed to perform the flip.
Hypno-Disc was weighed at 100.5 Kg and was easily righted by the arm in about 2 seconds.


It was so hot in the workshop Ken took out a window frame.
These guys wanted to be in on the action !


Zulu and Pete ( the one working !) from the Diotoir team.

Ian from the Razer team taking a look at the rear gearbox that siezed :(

Kim and Panic Attack ready for action.

Sir K having his lunch of nuts, bolts and any left over competitor robot remains........

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