Hypno-Disc Design



We had to decided on the weapon first.... a BIG disc was chosen. A few dimensions were then fixed. Overall length and width etc. These were set to comply with the Robot Wars Rules and arena details at the time.
Once we had the outline dimensions we could calculate the approximate weight of the various parts. Our estimated all up weight of the design was 83Kg. We finally weighed in at 79.2Kg. Not bad for a guess !
As we bought / obtained the various parts ( motors, wheels, bearings,shain, sprockets...) they were drawn up and set out in the design. It is easy to see where and how the parts fit together. Often we could see problems in the design which were then corrected before drilling any holes ! "Measure twice, cut once".
With the assembly drawing complete all the parts were detailed, made and put together.


Derek gets to work in 3D

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