Hypno-Disc gets smaller.

Hypno-Team. Derek, left. Ken, centre and Dave, right with Hypno-Disc for series 4.
Dave says " I can rember clearly when I first heard that Hypno-Disc would be the first competitor robot to be turned into a toy. I was stunned. It was something that you think would never happen in a million years, we are very lucky".
We are also very pleased that Razer and Chaos2 are also being miniturized in 'pull-back' form.

Hypno-Disc. The 'meat' in a Sir Killalot / Shunt sandwich !
Image courtesy of Logistix Kids.


A model of Toy Hypno-Disc first seen at Robot Mayhem 2000.
The pack includes a breeze block wall, two interchangeable backs, one with SRM and one with spikes.



Photos of the Toy and full size Hypno-Disc for comparison.

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