24th Sept 2004 The Tee-shirt and fleece order form has been romoved from the site.
If you wish to order tee-shirts or fleeces please e-mail for details and availability.
Use the "hypno at hypno-disc dot co dot uk" address.

29th Nov 2003 Many fans have recently asked 'Where is Hypno-Disc this year?'
There are a number of reasons why we didn't make it to Series 7 this time.
Unfortunately it has been an exceptionally busy 2003 at our works which took up much of the spare time we would have normally had.
Derek is now a proud Dad. Nataile, who is now 6 months old, has kept Derek's hands full lately !!
I can't say what we'll do for Series 8 but we've been enjoying watching Series 7 from the comfort of our arm chairs :-)

29th Nov 2003 The T-shirt and fleece prices have been reduced.

28th Feb 2003 Due to the ever increasing spam mail on the account, I've terminated that account.
Please now send emails to :- hypno at hypno-disc dot co dot uk

3rd Jan 2003 New pictures in Fans Corner

1st Oct 2002 Construction photos of the Series 6 Hypno-Disc

30th June 2002 New picture in Fans Corner.

22nd May 2002 Short write up on the changes for Series 5.

19th May 2002 New picture in Fans Corner.

22nd April 2002 Fleeces available.

31st Mar 2002 We are expecting a new stock of Hypno-Disc fleeces in the next week.
Details to go on the order form when we receive the delivery.

15th Dec 2001 2 new pictures in Fans Corner.

30th Nov 2001 We have had to remove the Fleeces from the order form due to supply problems.
We hope to have these back on the order form soon.

17th Nov 2001 New image in Fans corner.

10th Nov 2001 Fleeces Now available with embroidered Hypno-Disc logo. See note 30th November above.

29th Oct 2001 A new look to the site with a side menu frame to help getting around.

27th Oct 2001 MINIBOTS click here !

1st Oct 2001 Hypno-Disc tee-shirts available NOW
1st Sept 2001 Upgrades for Extreme 2001