Hypno-Disc Design for series 4



Although Hypno-Disc for Series 4 looks very similar to the the series 3 machine, it was in fact completly re-designed.
A bit of design time was saved because the shape of the robot was the same and we had many of the parts already drawn.
Most of the new design time was taken on the gearboxes and the disc drive shaft / clutch.

The main improvements were:-
Worm-wheel gear boxes on each wheel with direct drive shafts.
Shaft drive and clutch to the disc with a more powerful motor.
Ribbed disc construction with 4mm ali top cover.
4mm ali chassis and 4.5mm rear body armour.
Self-righting arm.
Batteries mounted under the disc makes the robot's weight more evenly balanced, front - rear.
Solid aluminium wheels with interchangeable tyres and adjustable tyre studs.
4QD Pro 120 drives.

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